UND Honors Announces New Tracks, Interim Leader, New Faculty

UND Honors students convene for class in a newly renovated space in Columbia Hall, part of $150,000 in capital improvement investments for the Honors Program. Photo by Tyler Ingham/UND Today.

UND’s Honors Program is on the right track.

More precisely, it’s on the right tracks.

The program specifically designed for UND’s high-achieving students has launched two new curricular tracks for honors students, which will be conducted by Rebecca Rozelle-Stone, its new interim director.

Rozelle-Stone, an associate professor of philosophy, will begin her new role on May 16. She has been involved with the Honors program since arriving at UND in 2010, most recently as an Honors Faculty Fellow.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to work with Honors students in this new capacity,” Rozelle-Stone said. “As a professor, I am a perpetual student of the world myself, and so I look forward to learning from our outstanding students and helping to shape relevant and impactful academic experiences for them with the help of top faculty across the university.”

Amanda Boyd, who directed the UND Honors for the past two years, will be returning to her duties as associate professor of German in the UND Department of Modern and Classical Languages & Literatures.  Boyd helped design the current program which allows students to choose between two study tracks: “Research Scholars” – a more traditional liberal arts-based honors curriculum — or, “Leaders in Action” – a novel approach to honors, emphasizing experiential learning and civic engagement.

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