UND Mascot Designs Put To Student Vote

UND Student Body President Erik Hanson reviews design options for a new Fighting Hawk mascot. UND students are currently voting for their favorite design for a Fighting Hawks costume to be “hatched” next fall. Photo by Connor Murphy/UND Today.

The vote is on!

Excitement is swirling as students head to the online polls to choose their favorite look for the Fighting Hawks mascot.

Erik Hanson, UND student body president-elect, has been with the process since the beginning.

“After serving on the Game Day Experience Committee, I was able to see that people wanted something truly identifiable,” he told UND Today. “A mascot is something that will keep the train moving forward and build excitement for North Dakota Athletics.”

In April, Rickabaugh Graphics was tasked by the 17-person UND Mascot Committee to provide three graphic identities using characteristics recommended by the group of UND student and athletic representatives. The award-winning design company has created over 500 identities for over 250 schools, including “Brutus the Buckeye,” the mascot for Big Ten powerhouse Ohio State.

Now it’s up to the student body to decide on the two-dimensional representation for the Fighting Hawks mascot. Their selection determines how the physical character looks as it goes into production.

“Having a logo rollout before, we saw what was done well and what we could have done better,” Hanson said. “One of the biggest things was making sure the students had a way to make a decision.”

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