Former UND Athletics Boss Brian Faison Transitions To Advisory Role For New AD Bill Chaves

Brian Faison (left) has assumed an advisory role during Bill Chaves’ (right) transition to the Athletics Director position at UND. The puck between them is the first Faison exchanged with the former Eastern Washington University AD almost five years ago, after Chaves displayed his knowledge of UND Hockey history. Photo by Connor Murphy/UND Today.

As Bill Chaves and Brian Faison stood in the UND High Performance Center the other day, just above the 300-meter track, it seemed as if a metaphor was in play.

“It feels a bit like Brian’s passing the baton,” Chaves remarked.

Instead, the former athletics director pulled out a puck. “When I first met Bill, he had so much knowledge about our hockey program,” Faison quipped.

They first met five years ago as athletic directors from opposing Big Sky programs; Chaves was still with Eastern Washington University.

“There’s no reason to think that would be the case,” he continued. “So every year I’ve brought him our year’s hockey puck.”

The puck he was holding was the first he exchanged with Chaves, who’s now at the helm as director of North Dakota Athletics.

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