UND Student-Led Mascot Committee Named, Begins Process Of Shaping New Fighting Hawks ‘Head Of Hype’

UND students are taking the next step toward bringing a live mascot into the Fighting Hawks game day experience. This month, a newly formed student-led committee will choose the mascot attributes that it believes embody the spirit, stoicism and energy of UND Athletics. Archival photo.

Given a blank canvas and an open mind, what kind of creature would you envision embodying the spirit of the University of North Dakota?

Does it stoke fear in the competitor?

Is it sleek and mobile for acrobatic feats?

Is it fluffy, smiling and ready for the next elementary school photo op?

These are the difficult decisions at hand for a newly assembled, 17-person UND Mascot Committee (listed below), born from an initial task force formed in January. The student-led group, co-chaired by UND Student Body Vice President Erik Hanson and former UND golfer Matt Jacobson, will spend the month of March discussing which mascot attributes will best engage the Fighting Hawks fan base.

“We have a great mix of people with various backgrounds – a combination of nine students with staff, faculty and alumni who are very passionate about UND,” Jacobson said.

“Resoundingly what we’ve heard is we want this mascot to be something that’s energetic, that’s fun, and that really captures the strength of the hawk logo that we have,” Hanson said.  “We want stoic, while also having something that’s approachable and can make that game day experience even better than what it is now.”

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