UND Alum Sweethearts Find Love On Campus, Return The Favor With A Financial Gift

For Cort Zimbrick, it was love at first sight on the UND quad, when freshman Carol Hilber caught his eye on the way to class. Decades later, they’re thanking their University for an undergraduate experience that will forever be close to their hearts. Images courtesy of Cort and Carol Zimbrick.

Cortland “Cort” Zimbrick didn’t come to the University of North Dakota looking for love.

He enrolled in 1962 because UND was a quality school in his hometown – and at $100 a semester, he could afford it.

But Cupid made quick work of him.

“I saw Carol walking across campus the first semester of my freshman year, and I fell deeply, deeply in love,” Zimbrick reminisced, his delivery heavy with romantic flair. “So then I thought, I’m going to have to figure out how to meet her.”

His university dream girl was Carol Hilber, a fellow freshman and Fargo native who had gathered every penny of her high school savings to study history at UND. Zimbrick used all available intermediaries to learn more about Hilber, but he just couldn’t find a way to fall onto her radar.

So he gave up.

“I fell on my face,” Zimbrick said. “I didn’t have much of a game in those days – according to my wife, I don’t have one still,” he continued with a laugh.

His wife? None other than Carol (Hilber) Zimbrick.

“I ended up a happily married man, and I’m just delighted because UND threw us together,” he said.

Now, the Zimbricks have decided to thank the University by returning some of that love – in the form of a financial gift designated in their will.

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