Pioneering UND Alumna And Husband Set Up Scholarships For Aspiring Women Leaders In Fisheries And Wildlife Biology

UND alumna Virginia DuBowy (above), and her husband, Paul, are establishing a $250,000 legacy gift to interest more young women in biology and conservation. DuBowy wants women more involved in the future of conservation in North Dakota. Image courtesy of Virginia DuBowy.

Alumna Virginia Steinhaus had a unique role in UND’s history, but it never dawned on her until commencement day.

“It wasn’t until graduation when we were all standing in line and I was the only woman,” she said.

For her, it was about following her dream.

In 1977, Virginia Steinhaus DuBowy was the first woman to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in fisheries and wildlife biology. There have been many since then, and she wants to make sure it stays that way.

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of her graduation, she and her husband, Paul, have established a legacy gift of $250,000 in their will. The Virginia Steinhaus DuBowy Endowment in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology will assist undergraduate women pursuing majors in the discipline for years to come.

The awards will go towards aspiring female biologists who show a commitment to conservation of fish and wildlife resources in North Dakota.

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