UND To Host Belgian Researcher Of Violence And Video Games May 27

The University of North Dakota will play host to Wannes Ribbens, an expert on violence and video games, at 4 p.m., Tuesday, May 27, in O’Kelly Hall, Room 203.

He will present research on how the player–game relationship, playing styles, and perceived realism can be used to better understand the relationship between exposure to shooting video games and desensitization to violence.

The presentation will also be steamed live at conted.breeze.und.nodak.edu/IDT (phone required).

Ribbens is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Media Studies at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

The increase in popularity of digital games has given rise to new areas of research on their uses and impact on society, education, art and design. One area of research that has received a lot of attention has been the effect of violent video games on those who play them. Much of this research, however, has neglected the most important variable: the players themselves. Ribbens has dedicated his research to this topic.

This event is sponsored by the UND Instructional Design & Technology program in the College of Education & Human Development in conjunction with UND’s Working Group in Digital and New Media.

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