UND Geologist Launches Departmental Health- And Sustainability-focused Cycling Competition

Month-long Earth-Cycle aims to encourage health, wellness, and sustainability

The University of North Dakota’s Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering is on a big roll this month: they call it “Earth-Cycle” and it’s pronounced “Earth-sickle” (it rhymes with bicycle).

“I am really proud of our first annual ‘Bicycle September,’” said Earth-Cycle organizer Jaakko Putkonen, a faculty member in the school. “We are trying to get the whole department — students, staff, and faculty — to bicycle to UND for the month of September.”

Besides the cool factor, it’s great for the environment, in keeping with the University’s sustainability philosophy, Putkonen notes.

“It also saves money on gas and parking and makes one feel good about doing something for the environment as a first thing in the morning,” said Putkonen, who’s done the hard physical labor of conducting field research and leading students in the Himalayas, in Antarctica, and other inhospitable terrain.

“We’re starting off with our department, but we hope next spring to engage the whole University in Earth-Cycle April,” Putkonen said.

Official Earth-Cycle rules:

Prizes will be awarded in two competition categories:

*How many trips between 9/3-9/30/2013 during regular work week. Mark the number of trips daily in the Earth Cycle board located in the main geology office. One round trip counts for two trips. Maximum number of trips per week is 10.

*How many miles biked. Measure the distance from your point of origin to Leonard hall and mark down the miles you have driven daily on the official Earth Cycle board. You can use web tools such as google earth to accurately measure the distance along the route you take.

The most trips and most miles will earn prizes.

The third prize category is random drawing among the participants (however, no one can win more than one prize of any kind).

The Earth Cycle September is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate majors) and staff and faculty affiliated with Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering.

Jaakko Putkonen, Assistant Professor
Harold Hamm School of Geology and Geological Engineering
University of North Dakota College of Engineering and Mines