UND Career Service’s Biannual Etiquette Dinner Set For Monday, April 22

University of North Dakota Career Services will hold its biannual Etiquette Dinner at 5:30 p.m., Monday, April 22, in the Memorial Union Ballroom, on campus.

The event features speakers and a four-course meal that costs $10.

Speakers such as Traci Kovar, a marketing professor at UND, will touch on general etiquette and what to expect when invited to a meal with an employer or potential employer.

According to Lynn Lee, UND Career Services assistant events coordinator, there also will be a mystery guest and several company representatives.

Throughout the meal, students will interact with other guests including company representatives. Career Services hopes there will be a representative at every table for students to ask questions about what to expect when being interviewed, what employers look for in a candidate and whatever other questions students have about professional etiquette.

“I would recommend the etiquette banquet to other college students nearing graduation because the skills learned will be put to use once they get professional careers,” said Carly Monroe, a junior at UND who attended the banquet last year.

Kovar said, “Etiquette is important because, in the words of UND Center for Innovation Director Bruce Gjovig, who co-wrote the book ‘Pardon me Your Manners are Showing,’ ‘it’s a sign of kindness, thoughtfulness and respect.’ I can’t state it any better than that!”

“The etiquette banquet helps students in many ways — but the most important is — it simply draws attention to the subject matter and allows students to practice good table manners,” Kovar said. “Simply creating awareness helps so much. Most students know their basic manners, but practicing them in the practical application is more memorable.”

Anyone interested in attending this event, tickets are available at Career Services, McCannel Hall, Room 280, between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., from now until April 12.


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