UND Responds To Performance Audit

The University of North Dakota has provided a response to a recent performance audit conducted by the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office. The audit reviewed whether the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University have established and used fees appropriately and provides recommendations for the use of such funds.

UND President Robert O. Kelley said, “We appreciate the thoroughness and the diligence of the State Auditor’s Office in conducting this audit. The University of North Dakota will continue to act as good stewards of the public trust, and we are working with the Chancellor, the State Board of Higher Education and the State Auditor’s office to understand and resolve outstanding concerns.”

UND’s audit response outlines several steps UND will take, including reviewing and improving campus policies regarding the use of fees and general funds; reviewing travel policies; and filing annual reports with the Budget Office concerning course fee cash balances.

Said Kelley, “We invite and respect this performance audit feedback, and we will use it as a guide to continuously improve UND’s financial operations and better serve our students and the State of North Dakota.”