Website: UND Third Healthiest College In U.S.

The University of North Dakota has been named the third healthiest college in the United States by, a health and fitness website promoting wellness by providing factual information that leads to healthier lifestyle choices.

Citing UND’s Wellness Center and reasonably priced healthy dining options, said, “Our favorite thing about UND, though, is its 7 Dimensions approach to wellness, which includes often-overlooked factors like emotional, environmental and spiritual health.”

“We are honored to receive this recognition, a true reflection of an entire campus community working in collaboration to enhance the health and well-being,” said Laurie Betting, UND’s associate vice president for health and wellness. “The Dining Services ‘Healthy Stars’ program, our participation in recycling campaigns, quiet lounges, and a state-of-the-art wellness facility are all examples of these efforts.  Most importantly, it is the people within the university that have a passion about the health of our campus. This is what makes UND exceptional place to learn and an exceptional place to work.”

Kelly Fitzpatrick, staff writer at, said the college ratings were partly based on reviews and student ratings at

“We also looked at Princeton Review rankings, and then scoured each college’s website to check out specific programming, dining options, fitness facilities, student-run organizations, and a whole lot more,” she added.

The article noted that UND’s recreation facilities are highly rated by, “as well they should be. The $20 million gym, opened in 2006, was a gift from the students, who voted to add a wellness student fee.”

Mentioning UND’s quality of nutrition, the website said, “Students aiming to eat healthy will love UND’s ‘guiding stars’ rating system, which serves as the yellow brick road to healthy dining options.” Also highlighted were the University’s recreation facilities, as well as the “huge array of free health and fitness assessments.”

The two universities ranked above UND are the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) at No. 1 and Stanford University in California at No. 2. Rated fourth through tenth respectively are: Colby College, Waterville, Maine; the University of Georgia, Athens, Ga.; Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine; University of Texas at Austin; St. Olaf College in Minnesota; U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.; and James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

According to, a “greatist” is described as “someone who chooses better to improve their fitness, health and happiness.” The website refers to itself as “the trusted health and fitness source for the young, savvy and social.”

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Kelly Fitzpatrick, staff writer

Erin Dickson, coordinator of communications
UND Wellness Center

Patrick Miller, writer/editor
UND Office of University Relations
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