UND Recognizes Its Inventors At Awards Ceremony On Campus

The Intellectual Property Commercialization and Economic Development (IPCED) office at the University of North Dakota recognized University faculty and student inventors, as well as other innovators at a reception Thursday, March 22, at the Chester Fritz Auditorium.

“Student, faculty, and staff inventors deserve this recognition,” said UND Associate Vice President of IPCED Michael F. Moore. “This reception is a small token of appreciation for disclosing their developments, participating in patent filings and helping our office license their developments.”

UND President Robert Kelley and UND Vice President for Research & Economic Development Phyllis Johnson offered remarks in recognition of nearly 90 University honorees — researchers and faculty members who’ve  made invention disclosures, filed patent applications, issued patents or executed a license.

UND colleges/departments that had inventors honored Thursday: College of Arts & Sciences, the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, School of Engineering and Mines, and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Facilities Department.

UND faculty, student and staff members who were honored for invention disclosures and patent applications were: Mark Askelson, Brian Barclay, Mark Barclay, Lata Balikrishnan, Anamitro Banerjee, Shayan Behzadirafi, Steve Benson, Brian Berseth, George Bibel, Monty Bulzomi,  Joe Burton, Kumi Combs, James Crowell, Joshua Dale, Mohit Dhawan, Dylan Dyke, Saleh Faruque, Reza Fazel, Juergen Fischer, Mark Fossen, Scott Gavett, Othman Gribi, Camerin Hahn, Deb Hanson, Cassius Hartl, Tyler Jacobson, Yuhui Jin, Joshua Johnson, Samar Kalita, Colin Kelley, Ed Kolodka, Jenya Kozliak, Alena Kubatova, Kevin Landsverk, Matt Lendway, Larry Louisiana,Daniel Luoma, Sayhia Maqbool, Ron Marsh, Florent Martel, Mike Mettler, Barry Milavetz, Masaru Miyagi, Marlene Miller, Saman Montazeri,  Darrin Muggli, Jeremiah Neubert, James Nickson, Maren Niemeier, Matt Nilles, Ryan Oleksy, Reggie Parker, David Pierce, Ashley Putnam, Sekhar Rao, Hassan Reza, Thad Rosenberger, Daniel Ross, Hossein Salehfar, Jesse Sannes, Ed Sauter, Richard Schultz, Wayne Seames, Brij Singh, Stephen Stripe, Jan Stube,  Nazrul Taajwar, Brian Tande, Jen Teiken, Chris Theisen, Rob Toomy, Ben Trapnell, Tasbirun Upal, Dale Warner, Richard Wise, Min Wu, Shuping Xu,  Tim Young, Katy Younglove, Marcellin Zahui,  Xiodong Zhang, Julie Zhao, Xiangwang  Zheng.

UND inventors who were honored for their involvement in issuing patents were: Kozliak, Michael Mann, Marsh, Muggli, Nilles, Pierce, Stripe, Seames and Zhao.

Brain Barclay, Mark Barclay, Miller and Niemeier also were honored for an executed license for its innovation known as “TruServe™.”

IPCED is responsible for protection and commercialization of University research innovations including aerospace sciences, computer sciences, medicine and health sciences, engineering and physical sciences.

The office drafts, files and prosecutes patent applications for inventions, and works with inventors to define and market technology portfolios of inventions, to promote new business ventures and to build business alliances that will accelerate the transition of inventions to the marketplace.

IPCED is also responsible for drafting and negotiating all of the University’s legal intellectual property agreements, such as confidentiality, material transfer and licensing agreements.

The IPCED office is comprised of Moore, Tara Kopplin licensing assistant for the physical sciences; Kumi Nagamoto-Combs, licensing assistant for the life sciences; and Ms. Michael Sadler, legal and marketing assistant.

Jason Jenkins, of the UND general counsel’s office, is a registered patent attorney and helps the IPSED office file patent applications for its inventions.

Helpful link:
IPCED website