UND Meritorious Service, ‘Proud Award’ Winners Named At Employee Service Recognition Luncheon

Ten staff members were given Meritorious Service Awards and one staff member received the Ken and Toby Baker UND Proud Award at the annual recognition ceremony for staff personnel May 17.

The Meritorious Service Award recognizes staff for excellence and dedication. They received certificates and checks. Awardees were:

* Kaylynn Bergland, administrative secretary, Rural Health

* Jerry Braaten, electrician supervisor, Facilities

* John Butler, Building Services technician, Facilities

* Greg Gefroh, executive chef, Dining Services

* Janna Kruckenberg, system administrator and senior web database developer, CIO

* Michelle Magnell, complex secretary, Housing

* Shelly Pecka, administrative secretary, Dean of Students

* Doreen Rolshoven, lincensed practical nurse, Human Nutrition Research Center

* Mark Schwieters, Building Services technician, Facilities

* Jill Teters, program coordinator, TRIO Programs

The Ken and Toby Baker UND Proud Award is presented to a staff employee who, through service and dedication to the University, to fellow workers, and to the community, exemplifies the qualities of commitment, loyalty, and pride in the University. The award includes $1,000, a plaque, and a traveling plaque for the department. The award was given to Kirk Peterson, avionics manager, Flight Support Services.

Also at the ceremony, UND honored staff who have completed consecutive years of service at UND in increments of five years. The following were this year’s recipients:

* 5 years: Lucas Aaker, Instructional Support/Av; Melissa Aaker, Law; Kimberly Alarid, Facilities Management; Kara Anderson, Nursing; Suzanne Anderson, Registrar; Rodney Angen, EERC; Twyla Baker-Demaray, Rural Health; Robyn Bancroft, Outreach Programs; Don Barstad, Facilities Management; Julie Bean, Student Success Center; Elizabeth Becker, Center for Instructional Learning Technologies; Amanda Bentow, EERC; Lisa Borgen, EERC; Karen Brannan, Bismarck CFM; Gregory Breibach, Athletics; Christopher Brown, Flight Operations; Tanya Butler, Arts and Sciences/Dean’s Office; Marilee Byington, Bismarck CFM; Paula Carlson, Flight Operations; Robert Carolin, Law; Betty Clauthier, Facilities Management; Janice Dona, Occupational Therapy; Denise Ellis, Dining Services; Kevin Embury, Dining Services; Jill Erickson, Outreach Programs; Amanda Evanenko, Facilities Management; Lynnette Evenson, Outreach Programs; Juergen Fischer, Engineering and Mines; Lynette Franks, Dining Services; Curtis Fuchs, ITSS; Kurt Ganyo, Facilities Management; Michelle Garske, Business and Public Administration/Dean’s Office; Kristen Gay, Athletics; Clark Gebhard, Flight Operations; Diane Hadden, VP for Academic Affairs and Provost; Chassi Herman, Grants and Contracts Administration; Neva Hendrickson, International Programs; David Hirschmann, Chemical Engineering; Kelly Hodgson, EERC; Junhua Jiang, EERC; Brian Jones, Athletics; Marlin Karlstad, Facilities Management; Randall Knutson, EERC; William Kronsberg, Facilities Management; Kathryn Lacey, Facilities Management; Brent Lahr, EERC; Chelsea Larson, Student Account Services; Douglas Larson, Engineering and Mines; Rowann Larson, Human Resources; Laura Leiphon, Anatomy and Cell Biology; Judy Lerma, Facilities Management; Mark Lien, Housing; Christopher Martin, EERC; Patricia McGuire, EERC; Kathleen McIntyre, EERC; Keith Mercer, ITSS; Michael Meyer, Arts and Sciences/Dean’s Office; Brad Miller, ITSS; Thomas Miller, Nursing; Nicole Morin, American Indian Services; Tamara Mulske, Music; Sara Narveson, Purchasing; Shari Nelson, Student Success Center; Mitchel Nesland, Facilities Management; Carol Norton, Bismarck CFM; Elisa Nowatzki, Flight Operations; Benjamin Oster, EERC; Brandon Pavlish, EERC; Stacey Peterson, Student Success Center; Michelle Rakoczy, ODNA; Jessica Rosencrans, Student Success Center; Matthew Schill, Athletics; Scott Schreiner, Purchasing; Dawn Seaver, Aerospace Sciences; Michael Skold, Flight Operations; Rebecca Slade, Memorial Union; Susan Splichal, Family and Community Medicine; Joshua Stanislowski, EERC; Eric Stauss, Aerospace Sciences; Derek Stinchfield, Aerospace Sciences; Patrick Swanson, Athletics; Austin Theisen, EERC; Heidi Vettleson, EERC; Kimberly Werner, Housing; Mary Winters, Engineering and Mines; Ding Yi Ye, EERC; Erick Zacher, EERC; Sherry Zeman, Law Library.

* 10 years: Paul Arnason, EERC; Debbie Austreng, Engineering and Mines; Valerie Bauer, Nursing; Valeria Becker, Student Success Center; Debra Beiswenger, Athletics; Angie Belbas, Housing; Timothy Belmore, Athletics; Barry Botnen, EERC; Lisa Botnen, EERC; James Bratton, Facilities Management; Tera Buckley, EERC; Terry Clark, Aerospace Sciences; Heather Degeldere, Children’s Center; Dawn Eckhardt, TRIO Programs; Angie Floden, Microbiology; Bruce Folkedahl, EERC; Allen Fuchs, Facilities; Connie Gagelin, VP for Academic Affairs and Provost; Angie Gothberg, Dining; Lori Goulet, Dining; Chad Gratton, Outreach Programs; Marilyn Gregoire, Theatre Arts; Danping Guo, Biochemistry; David Hakstol, Athletics; Brenda Halle, Human Nutrition Center; Kimberly Hansen, Pathology; Kim Higgs, Aviation; Phillip Hutton, EERC; Ralph Hutton, Facilities; Laurel Johnson, TRIO Programs; Terri Kemnitz, Outreach Programs; Robert Korth, Facilities; James Kotrba, Facilities; Robert Kunze, Flight Operations; Patrece Kvasager-Belker; EERC; Gregory Lamont, Facilities; Brenda Lanes, Parking and Traffic; Connie Larson, Engineering and Mines; Margaret Larson, Microbiology; Jason Laumb, EERC; Pamela Legg, Dining Support Services; Daniel Lund, University Police; Marci Mack, Registrar; Richard Mahowald, Facilities; Connie Marshall, English; Timothy Marynik, Facilities; Carol Mayhair, Dining; Lisa Moore, Counseling Center; Kimberly Myrum, Chemistry; Maren Niemeier, Rural Health; Deanna Osowski, Aviation; Gwendolyn Puckett, Children’s Center; Brenda Riskey, Aerospace Sciences; Tammy Rodriquez, Dining Services; Susan Rundquist, Rural Health; Maria Saucedo, Facilities; Angela Scheett, Human Nutrition Center; Donald Schothorst, Facilities; Marsonda Schroeder, Outreach Programs; Christy Seidler, Minot CFM; Gordon Severinson, Facilities; Julie Solheim, Research Development and Compliance; Dale Spicer, Facilities; Sheri Sponsler, Flight Operations; Wilbur Stolt, Chester Fritz Library; Brian Strom, Athletics; Victoria Thompson, Outreach Programs; Laura Thoreson, Facilities; Wayne Vonasek, Facilities Management; Pamela Walters, Outreach Programs; Courtenay White, Distance Engineering Degree Program; Karen Williams, University Relations; Kirk Williams, EERC; William Young, International Programs; Ye Zhuang, EERC.

* 15 years: Nancy Bauer, Facilities; Jane Beasley, Nursing; Kathy Borgen, Space Studies; Karen Burgard, Human Resources; Gail Colwell, Conflict Resolution Center; Rosanne Dub, Health and Wellness; Charles Evans, General Counsel; Bryan Ford, ITSS; Richard Fore, Facilities; Odella Fuqua, Outreach Programs; Timothy Gilleland, Facilities; Jane Green, Dining; Dustin Hetletved, Ray Richards Golf Course; Gary Johnson, ITSS; Richard Kurtz, Facilities; George Lamora, Aviation; Jeannie Lewis, Biology; Richard Martin, Aerospace Sciences; Thomas Martzall, Transportation; Terry Meland, ITSS; June Novacek, EERC; Michelle Olderbak, EERC; Cheryl Osowski, Engineering and Mines; Kathleen Peterson, Disability Services; Robert Peterson, ITSS; Nancy Rice, Computer Science; Marjorie Ricke, Registrar; Constance Rumreich, Chester Fritz Library; Cherylyn Stoltman, Rural Health; William Toprock, Facilities; James Voelker, Facilities; Julie Wierwille, Health and Wellness.

* 20 years: Carol Anson, Student Financial Aid; Stacy Askvig, Minot CFM; Mary Austreng, Admissions; Pam Bethke, Psychology; Michael Blackmun, Flight Operations; Beverly Blegen, Social Work; Teresa Blilie, U Card Production; Patricia Campbell, Health and Wellness; Connie Cicha, Physics and Astrophysics; Karen Cloud, Chester Fritz Library; Sally Dockter, Chester Fritz Library; Steven Dohman, Facilities; Julie Evans, General Counsel; Jay Evenstad, Mechanical Engineering; Kelly Fox, EERC; Kevin Galbreath, EERC; Carol Grabanski, EERC; Norma Haley, Environmental Training; Leroy Helmoski, Facilities; Robert Hodek, Facilities; Joneen Iverson, Education/Dean’s Office; Deborah Johnson, EERC; Judith Kamrowski, EERC; Joyce Ketchum, Medicine and Health Sciences/Dean’s Office; Barbara Knight, Library of Health Sciences; Valerie Krogstad, Nursing; Timothy Kujawa, EERC; Bonnie Lanz, Bismarck CFM; Loren Liepold, Theatre Arts; Deborah Lindgren, Facilities; Margaret Myers, VP for Finance and Operations; Linda Olson, Chester Fritz Library; Colin Osborne, Facilities; Kirk Peterson, Flight Operations; Linda Schlieman, Internal Auditing; Jaroslav Solc, EERC; Jenny Sun, EERC; Jill Teters, TRIO Programs; Jane Thorvilson, Medical School Student Affairs and Admissions; Wanda Weber, Medical School Information Resources; Doris Zidon, Human Nutrition Center.

* 25 years: Faye Aker, Medical Education; Lori Anderson, Surgery; Ted Aulich, EERC; Patsy Bergan, Minot CFM; Mary Bohlman, Biochemistry; Vincent Cadreau, Facilities; Richard Clay, Athletics; Ronald Depue, Flight Operations; Delwyn Hager, Children and Family Services; Patricia Hanson, Human Resources; Lisa Heher, Student Account Services; Mark Johnson, Facilities; Diana Knain, Facilities; Kimberly Lawrence, Heath and Wellness; Roy Loken, Mailing Services; Deborah Melby, Admissions; Mark Musich, EERC; Terrance Nelson, School of Medicine and Health Sciences/Dean’s Office; Helen Oberg, Chester Fritz Library; Gail O’Connell, Flight Operations; Gayle Olufson, Human Resources; Debbie Raasakka, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics; Lori Shafer, Television; Edward Steadman, EERC; Lavonne Thompson, Human Nutrition Center; Robyn Wald, Housing; Patricia Wride, Facilities.

* 30 years: Susan Bartlette, Facilities; Barry Brode, Television; Stephen Carpenter, Flight Operations; Donald Dubuque, Flight Operations; Dennis Elbert, Business and Public Administration/Dean; Marlys Escobar, Nursing; Anne Fiala, EERC; Patrice Giese, TRIO Programs; Gerald Groenewold, EERC; Marci Hecht, Medical School Information Resources; Julie Horn, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics; Jerome Humble, Facilities; Judy Jahnke, Business and Public Administration/Dean’s Office; Dorothy Jerik, Criminal Justice; Joan Jorde, TRIO Programs; Charlene Kuntz, Human Nutrition Center; Janice Laventure, Telecommunications/ITSS; Jerry Lundby, Facilities; Robert Meuwissen, Telecommunications/ITSS; Charlotte Minier, Counseling Center; Theresa Mutcher, Dining Services; Alan Palmer, Aviation; Richard Palmiscno, Facilities; Randy Pederson, Chester Fritz Library; Jerry Petersburg, EERC; Donavon Rasmuson, University Police; Timothy Rerick, Internal Auditing; Arthur Rice, Facilities; Michael Safratowich, Library of Health Sciences; Judy Sargent, Housing; Lori Sannes, Medicine and Health Sciences/Dean’s Office; Sue Sherette, Human Nutrition Center; Lee Sundby, Dining; Linda Ziegelmann, Languages.

* 35 years: Jerry Braaten, Facilities; Jacqueline Brockling, Facilities; Ardell Byzewski, Facilities; Gale Delude, Facilities; Gary Dubuque, Mechanical Engineering; Mary Gregoire, Atmospheric Sciences; Lannie Hallin, Housing; Luann Johnson, Human Nutrition Center; Stanley Johnson, Chester Fritz Library; Virginia Kroocmo, VP for Finance and Operations; Daniel Kurtz, Facilities; Richard Larson, University Relations; James Liebelt, Facilities; Dennis Morseth, Facilities; Linda Palmiscno, Health and Wellness; Mary Smith, Minot CFM; Alyson White, Physical Therapy.

* 40 years: Phyllis Trelfa, Law.

* 45 years: Marilyn Martin, Medical School Student Affairs and Admissions.