Time-Out Week And Wacipi Celebration Set From April 4-10 On UND Campus

The University of North Dakota Indian Studies Association (UND-ISA) and Indian Association (UNDIA) are proud to announce the 41st Time-Out and Wacipi (Powwow) Celebration on the UND campus.

The Time-Out Events will be held April 4-8, 2011. Time-Out Week, hosted by the UND Indian Studies Association gives students, faculty and the general public an opportunity to take a break from their routine schedules and experience and learn something new about the American Indian culture.

Events will include various educational presentations and demonstrations. The Time-Out events will be held throughout the campus.

The Wacipi (Powwow) Celebration will be held April 8-10, 2011. A basketball tournament will also be held in conjunction with the Wacipi. Both will be held at the Hyslop Center located on the UND campus.

A Wacipi can be described as a celebration through dancing and singing. Drum groups and dancers come from all places of the continent to take part in this cultural celebration.

For more information, call 701-777-4291 or 701-777-4314 or visit the following websites:

www.und.edu/dept/indian/ISA.htm (UND Indian Studies Association)

www.und.edu/org/undia (UND Indian Association)


Contacts: Brittany Crawford (UNDIA President)

or Rachel Egstad (UND-ISA President)

Contact Phone: 701-777-4291 or 701-777-4314