A Harmonious Farewell To UND For A Musical Minot, N.D., Couple

Dennis and Penny Simons graduated Friday, after logging 38,000 miles for their Ph.D.

By David Dodds, UND University Relations

Penny and Dennis Simons, Ph.D. gradutes of UND, from Minot, N.D.

University of North Dakota Ph.D. graduates Dennis and Penny Simons of Minot, N.D., have made the journey back and forth to the UND campus in Grand Forks more times than they care to count.

They’ve logged some 38,000 miles together since 2004 in three different vehicles, in pursuit of their degrees. The culmination of their dedication and determination was rewarded Friday, Dec. 17, when the couple walked across the same graduation stage to accept their doctoral degrees from the UND College of Education and Human Development.

After all those miles and hours spent back and forth on U.S. Highway 2, ironically, it wasn’t until the absolute last trek to Grand Forks – for graduation – that they almost didn’t make it.

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