Harold Hamm — Richest Oilman In U.S. — To Visit UND Friday, Dec. 3

Harold Hamm, cited by Forbes as the richest oilman in the United States and listed by Forbes.com as 136th on the list of world’s billionaires, will visit the University of North Dakota Friday, Dec. 3.  Hamm, founder and chief executive of Oklahoma-based Continental Resources, owns more oil and gas than any other American — including oil in the Bakken, which covers much of western North Dakota.  Estimates of reserves in the Bakken have more than doubled to more than 8 billion barrels.

Harold Hamm
While at UND, Hamm, who is hosted by UND President Robert Kelley, will visit with area legislators, lunch with area business and government leaders at the UND Energy & Environmental Research Center, will tour the UND School of Engineering and Mines, 1-1:50 p.m., and host a “Conversation with Harold Hamm” with students (particularly engineering, business and entrepreneurship students, although all students are welcome), 2-3 p.m. in Gamble Hall, Room 7.
For more on this exciting visit, go to UND’s new page at www2.und.nodak.edu/our/news/story.php?id=3307