Acclaimed Documentarian, Daughter Of ‘Nuremberg’ Trials Filmmaker To Present Works In Grand Forks Nov. 10

At the invitation of the University of North Dakota Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies (CHRGS), critically acclaimed and Academy Award-winning filmmaker and Columbia University professor Sandra Schulberg will visit Grand Forks to present the restored version of her late father’s historical documentary “Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today,” about the Nuremberg war crimes trial.

Schulberg will introduce the film and then answer questions about it after the showing.

Sandra Schulberg, Academy Award winning fillmmaker, will visit UND on Nov. 10

The showing will take place at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10, at the Empire Arts Theater in Grand Forks. The presentation commemorates the 72nd anniversary of “Kristallnacht” –The Night of Broken Glass — the single night on Nov. 9-10, 1938, when Jewish-owned businesses throughout Germany were ransacked and thousands of Jews were killed or sent to concentration camps.

Earlier in the day, Schulberg will present another one of her films, the beautifully filmed docudrama “Northern Lights,” about the birth of the North Dakota Nonpartisan League. This Cannes film award winner will be presented at 2 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 10, in the Lecture Bowl of the UND Memorial Union. Schulberg will lecture about the film and it is also free and open to the general public.

Along with CHRGS and the Greater Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau, Schulberg’s visit to Grand Forks is being sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC). CHRGS and JCRC teamed up before in 2008 to bring Kristallnacht survivor Dr. Fred Lyon to Grand Forks to share his harrowing first-hand accounts of Nazi persecution, his father’s imprisonment in a concentration camp and his family’s escape from Nazi Germany. In 2009, CHRGS brought Auschwitz survivor Martin Weiss to campus to recount first-hand the horrors of the Nazi “Final Solution.”

Gregory Gordon, a UND law professor and expert on the prosecution of war crimes, said similar to the messages of Lyon and Weiss, Schulberg’s restored film on the Nuremberg trials is important and timely as the world remembers the event that presaged the Holocaust.

“This will be a follow-up to the visits of Dr. Lyon in 2008 and Mr. Weiss in 2009 when we remembered Kristallnacht and the Holocaust,” said Gordon, who also is director of CHRGS. “Dr. Lyon described to us how the Holocaust began and Mr. Weiss recounted how it was carried out. This documentary will show how its perpetrators were finally brought to justice.”